A Message From Our Chairman and CEO.

14 April 2020

Dear AAW customers,

I’m writing to you to reassure you of our commitment to the precautionary measures taken by our government, and our commitment towards your well-being and the well-being of our employees while we serve you during these challenging times.

Over 80 years ago, we welcomed our first customer to our store, and we haven’t stopped serving Kuwait since then despite the many challenges that our country faced over the decades. We endured, survived, and persevered through wars, multiple financial crises, and a devastating invasion and an occupation of our country.

Today we are faced with a new challenge. A challenge that threatens the lives of our loved ones and our day-to-day lifestyle. However there are things that won’t change, and these are our commitment to Kuwait, to our employees, and to you.

When my late father Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa, may his soul rest in peace,  opened his first store in the 40s of the last century, his goal was to contribute to Kuwait’s prosperity and economic development, and to give back to the community – a core value of our Kuwaiti society and culture.

I remember when in the days of the Iraqi occupation we kept our stores open and continued stocking co-operative supermarkets leading to the very final days of the occupation. And once Kuwait was liberated, we were quick to open our doors once again, taking an active part in the country’s reconstruction programme as we gradually resumed normal life.

Today, we are once again assuring the continuation of our service to our clients. Your well-being is a priority for us before anything else.

From the beginning of this crisis, we’ve supplied all of Kuwait’s cooperative societies and pharmacies free masks and will continue to do so whenever possible.

In an effort to relieve the pressure on our retail tenants, the following decisions were taken:

  1. We waived all commercial tenant rent due for the upcoming two months (April & May) and will reassess the situation in the forthcoming months.
  2. We’ve promised to support all our residential tenants who were terminated from their job or did not receive their salaries for any reason.
  3. We will cooperate with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and provide them with the personal protective materials they need including masks and other medical supplies.
  4. We formally expressed our readiness to support the Ministry of Health with their ongoing efforts in order to better serve the people and residents of our beloved country. We are in constant communication with the ministry.

We also complied with the guidelines set by the government of Kuwait and the World Health Organization. We closed all of our commercial stores and have moved to serving you through online platforms across many of our brands and are working around the clock to develop our online services for the remainder of our brands.

We have also taken precautionary measures at our services centers, distribution facilities, and drivers. These measures include:

  • Daily sanitization of all storage and distribution facilities
  • Daily temperature checks for delivery drivers and employees
  • Providing all employees in our company with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers
  • Implementing the measures recommended by the government of Kuwait and the World Health Organization, and making sure they are being followed prior to receiving and delivering your orders
  • Keeping a distance of no less than one meter between the customer and our staff during the delivery process

In these times, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the government of Kuwait for its efforts in protecting the well-being of our country. I would also like to thank all employees at our company for their hard work and commitment in the last month, and I thank you – our customers – for your support and trust in Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co. through the decades.

Lastly, I would like to echo the health authorities’ call to stay home and follow all precautionary measures to keep yourself and your family safe. We pray to God that we will overcome this stage, and we will look forward to welcoming you in all of our stores in the near future, God willing.

We pray to God to protect Kuwait, the Amir, and everyone in Kuwait.

We will continue to serve Kuwait and the people of Kuwait.

Faisal Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa,

Board Member and CEO at Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Company

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